Graphic Design and Illustration by Gatis Cirulis

I am a illustrator, designer and educator living in Santa Fe, NM. 
Originally, I am from Latvia. 
I have an MFA degree in Graphic Design and have worked in the graphic design and illustration industry since 2002. 
My work has been published and received awards in US and Europe. I have experience in branding, print, digital design, publication and illustration. 
In addition, I have taught design and art at the college level for over 10 years. 
My freelance work includes branding for start-ups and small businesses, publication design for economic and educational institutions and illustration projects for technical, instructional and literary projects.
I am also a practicing artist creating murals, paintings and drawings.​​​​​​​
GATIS — one of the relatively few surviving names of indigenous origin that was revived during the Latvian National Awakening.
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