Gatis Cirulis Nomadic Circus

Gatis Cirulis


I am an artist, designer and maker of things. I have designed for businesses and individuals in the US and in Europe. My areas of expertise include branding and identity development and implementation, environmental design, web and portfolio design, digital and traditional illustration, and publication design. I have earned MFA degree in graphic design from the Indiana State University, Bloomington. I have worked at agencies, freelanced since 2000 and taught graphic design at the university level. Originally from a small country on the Baltic Sea, Latvia, I have travelled across the United Stated for work and pleasure, and have settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My paintings, murals, drawing and much more can be seen at

Katya Reka Nomadic Circus

Katya Reka


I am a book and fiber artist, graphic designer and educator. I have earned an MFA degree in graphic design and have taught graphic design and media arts at the university level for eight years. My areas of expertise are handmade paper, custom and small edition bindings, and artist books. Interested in the role and place of a physical book in the contemporary world, I combine handmade paper, textiles, traditional printmaking techniques with digital printing, video and interactive publications for digital tablets.  I present workshops and lectures on bookbinding, papermaking and experimental book arts.

My artist books, papermaking and fiber projects can be seen at