Desert November Garden.


Days are getting more crisp, tomatoes are through the roof, literally. Goatheads almost all gone, picked out by hand. Pumpkins, roses, mints and collards are plentiful, the mulch works. Seeds sprout without extra water. Busy semester, not much time for words. Holidays, soon.

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Parts of a Whole

Inside Artist Book by Katya Reka

Minnesota Center for Book Arts Parts of a Whole 3: New Work from MCBA’s Artist Community August 14 – October 25, 2015 Opening reception Friday, August 14, 6-9pm Two new books will be in the show. Inside Wanderlust:Red Ties

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Desert Dirt.

Desert Dirt by Katya Reka

Dirt?  Scientists, Book Artists, and Poets Reflect on Soil and the Environment. Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA August 6 – December 4, 2015 Opening Reception and Lecture with Curator Lucia Harrison: September 10, 2015, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at Collins Memorial Library. My book Desert Dirt will be on the view.

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Papermaking with plants in Latvia.

Papermaking in Latvia 2015

I found out about the papermaking studio Ilze Dilane set up in Riga in one of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) articles. Finally, someone in Latvia, making paper and sharing it. We got in touch over email this spring. This summer, I met Ilze and spent a day with her making paper at the Pardaugavas […]

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Handmade Paper in 3D.


I took Handmade Paper in 3D course with Erica Spitzer Rasmussen at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts this May as a treat for myself. Treat for staying sane and finishing first year teaching with the baby. Taking her to work with us, staying up nights to finish projects, all that was fun. And, at 16 months, we are […]

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Nomadic Summer 2015.

Nomadic Summer 2015

Nomadic Summer 2015 started off by flying to the Twin Cities for a stay with grandparents. First flight for someone, we got invited to the cockpit, took a photo with the captain and got our wings pin. It was not too bad, even fun.

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Spring 2015.

Desert Snow Day,

Organizing the website, cleaning, adding tags, SEO busy work. Feels like weeding a garden. More work is coming. The blog.

Here in the desert, green and in bloom. This spring, there is a real garden. Flowers, small peaches, artichokes hiding.

The photo is from this winter, a desert snow day.